What patients and practitioners say about Fast’n Go hybrid bandages.

“Fast n go bandages are softer, more comfortable, less bulky and easier to use and rewrap in less time. They’re a valuable addition to my daily routine, as I use them in combination with other compression tools. I simply adjust the tension and layering based on the activity they’re needed for. Definitely a huge positive step for the development of more effective and practical lymphedema management!” – Juliana Conte

“I can’t say enough good things about the fast n’ go bandages!!! They’ve made managing my lymphedema a lot easier because the material is so comfortable. I’m able to keep them on for 15+ hrs which I found difficult to do with traditional bandages. They’re effective & comfortable, both things I’ve always wanted in bandages & now I have them! :)” – Hardeep Kaur

“Overall Ease of Application Bandages

The Fast N’ Go bandages are by far the easiest bandages that I have found for a patient to independently apply to their affected limb effectively.  This is due to having the 50% overlap lines on the bandages, and the self-adhering Velcro strap to end the bandaging.  Additionally, the connector for the bandages is wonderful as some patients can not tolerate adhesives.  This connector attaches to both bandages and allows the patients avoid using adhesive.

Use with Fibrosis

Fast N’ Go bandages can be utilized for patients of all lymphedema types; however, patients who have varying levels of fibrosis may need to apply more compression in certain areas than patients without fibrosis.  Fast N’ Go bandages can be utilized on top of other types of compression such as foam, cotton, nighttime garments as needed by the individual patient.  Utilizing these additional compression items as a base can be helpful if you find that you need additional compression than what is offered from these bandages.

Sizing of the Bandages

I highly recommend patients to order a longer size bandage than what the measurements posted online suggest.  The reason for this suggestion is that each patient’s limb varies in Length and circumference in various locations.  Due to this variation, patients need to account for this when determining which size of the bandages are needed.” – Catherine Rosenberg

“I love the fast and go hybrid bandaging because it’s effective and easy to use. Instead of having to use multiple bandages, I can wrap my entire arm in a single bandage. It takes less time and definitely less maintenance! I would recommend fast n go for home management of lymphedema!” – Emilia Dewi, OTD, CLT-LANA, CBIS


“Pierree sent a Fast’n Go bandage to me four years ago. I still use my original one everyday on my thigh. Comfort is unbelievable. Secondary lymphedema 9.5 years.” – Diane Phillips, RN, MSN/ED

“I love my Fast’n Go wraps. It’s been a game-changer for me. So much easier than traditional bandages and seems just as effective for me.” Maggie Giles.

“Fast’n Go bandages are the only bandages I can tolerate at night.” – Secondary Lymphie

“I love how soft my Fast’n Go bandage are! You almost forget you are wearing compression.” Victoria H.

“I love my Fast’n GO bandages on top of my tribute right now to help break the fibrosis up.” – Catherine

“I love my Fast’n Go bandages. They have been the best thing I have ever found for my active lifestyle.” – Laura Lambert

“Lovign my morning wrinkles today. I wrapped last night in my hybrid bandages with no underlayer or foam this time. I wanted to see if it was too hot but they did great. Gives me hope for the summer warm weather coming that I could wear these as my night garment. Yay!” – Amy Beaith

“I can feel the fluid moving out of my arm when I workout with Fast’n Go!” – Janet K.

“I must say these bandages have changed my life! I can wear compression more comfortably and also can do it myself! It works like magic. I’m in love with these bandages and keep sharing about them to whomever I come across in India.” – Dr. Kruti Kaschalia


“I had the pleasure to assist in “ Compression Alternatives and skills lab with Maureen McBeth at the NLN… Fast ‘n Go was a HOT item we shared to a very enthusiastic audience!!! I was so happy to see how everyone identified the therapeutic value of this bandage system:-)” –  Julia Rodrick


“I have a patient with moderate stage 2 post mastectomy lymphedema. She is 55yrs old and a respiratory therapist at a busy hospital. She was very concerned about having to keep her standard multi layer bandaging system on after leaving her work day. The fast n go has been a wonderful alternative to traditional bandaging for this patient. She is able to don and doff the system easily and can wash it when she gets home from work. The Fast n Go is a wonderful alternative for our busy and on the go population!” –Brandy Mckeown OTR/L, CLT-LANA, CLWT  


“I wish I had these bandages when I was younger. It would have made bandaging as a kid easier.” – Maggie S.

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