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Why is Fast’n Go hybrid bandage better adapted to self-bandaging than traditional systems ?

The short answer is: “because its’ application is easierfaster and safer“.

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How is this possible?

The short answer is: Thonic Innovation has developed and patented an hybrid technology to offer a short-stretch bandage (30%) that combines the benefits of inelastic bandages (stiffness/efficiency) with the benefits of long-stretch bandages (easy application and easy dosage of compression) while getting rid of their respective inconveniences“.

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Is Fast’n Go hybrid bandage really as efficient as inelastic bandages?

The short answer is: Yes, Fast’n Go hybrid bandage has a Static Stiffness Index (SSI) of 24.1 mmHg and its’ high capacity to mobilize the lymph is confirmed with fluoroscopy images“.

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Is the dosage of compression with Fast’n Go hybrid bandage really as easy and reproducible as with long-stretch bandages?

The short answer is: “Yes, the level of intra-personal reproducibility with Fast’n Go hybrid bandage is the same as with long-stretch bandages even if applied by “first-timers” (people who had never applied a bandage before).“.

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